Thank you for abiding by the Reunion Rules!  Following the rules helps everyone have an enjoyable, worshipful experience.

New as of 2018 – NO pets will be allowed anyplace on the campgrounds. Service animals are allowed with proper documents.

Dress Code
No midriffs or short shorts.

Shoes, flip-flops, or sandals are required at all times.  You cannot go barefoot at any time, except in the pool area, showers, and cabins.

Men/Boys – Shirts must be worn at all times except at the pool.
Women/Girls – Only swimsuits that cover the abdomen are acceptable.

Modest swimwear is expected for everyone.

Water Caution
Please be advised that there are two open bodies of water at the campground.  Please supervise children at all times.

Illegal Substances
No tobacco, alcohol or drugs are allowed.

All attendees must register. This includes both part-time campers and those commuting.

If you are inviting guests, they must contact the director individually.

Reunion Policy for Adults Responsible for Non-Family Minors

This policy applies to any adults who are bringing children to the camp who are not their own.

  1. Maximum 1 adult per 7 children per cabin.
  2. One adult may not supervise more than 7 children.
  3. Supervising adults must be at least 21 years old.
  4. No children of opposite genders older than age 5 may be in the same cabin together without the approval from both the reunion director and the parents of the children.
  5. At least one adult must reside in each cabin that has children.
  6. Adults are responsible at all times for children placed in their care.
  7. A child without his/her parents must have a signed consent form signed by his/her parent or legal guardian.
  8. All medication must be checked in with the camp nurse upon registration at camp.

In order to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere at reunion, failure to comply with these rules may result in dismissal from the reunion.  Please be aware that additional rules may be added at any time.

Thank you,
The Reunion Staff